Cérélia, the young company we have created, merging companies having solid background of commitment and  boldness, also builds its  development  on generosity and social responsibility.

Our resources and our strength come together in a new effort to make this ambition the heart and soul of our group, and it is shared by the men and women of Cérélia as they move to the rhythm of the values we call our own.

This new approach is the anchoring of Cérélia in the French regions, but also in Belgium, in The Netherlands and in UK where we participate actively in the local economic life. This involvement takes the form of employment opportunity, since the great majority of the 1000 professionals who work for the company are natives of these regions. It also comes through partnerships with key players in agriculture (cereal producers, millers, cooperatives,etc.) and our suppliers and transporters.
Beyond local economic ties, Cérélia has decided to join with its employees and actively invests in their volunteer work to help those in need.

In terms of social responsibility, we believe that globalization forces us to understand and respond to new realities that affect us all. The products we create every day stem from age-old agricultural practices, like wheat, butter, and vegetable oil production. Cérélia is undertaking several progressive steps to guarantee that the raw materials that make up our products are 100% traceable, thereby offering the best assurance possible regarding product chains, producers, and the environment.

Since May, 2013, Cérélia has been a member of the French Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil (www.huiledepalmedurable.org). As such, Cérélia supports steps to protect the forests of the southern hemisphere (mainly in Asia and West Africa). We work so that palm oil, which is a necessary ingredient in our products, comes from plantations and farms that take steps to fight against deforestation and to protect forests with a high carbon value, that comply with laws and regulations, and that guarantee the preservation of all wetlands. Cérélia is a member of the RSPO, Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (http://www.rspo.org/).


Since 2015, through the Foundation Earth & People, Cérélia has been involved in the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire together with the SIFCA Foundation http://www.sifca.ci/fondation/ and the PALMCI company http: //www.palmci.ci/. This long-term commitment is demonstrated, year after year, on the one hand, by accompanying palm oil small planters in the deployment of good agricultural practices and, on the other hand, by investing in infrastructures and services to facilitate the access of the population to education and health.

The employees of Cérélia are motivated by the same passion in their work. We believe in the commitments we make and we look at these initiatives as another means of acting and  spreading a message of confidence in the future to the communities we serve.

Guillaume Réveilhac