Quality and food safety

Cérélia guarantees to its customers High Quality and Food Safety thanks to:

  • The selection and traceability of raw materials: each ingredient is subject to strict specifications.
  • Product tests, including organoleptic and microbiological tests, are done in labs, guaranteeing the respect of specifications and the improvement of recipes.
  • Regular internal and external audits ensuring the preservation of our systems and the respect of the requirements of reference tables.

New quality challenges
To go even further Cérélia has committed to continual watch of subjects such as neo-formed contaminants, nano-particles, packaging materials. This in order to always reach a high level of safety with these products.



Our certifications

Cérélia processes and products have received different levels of certification delivered by independent organizations:

  • 2 sites are Organic Agriculture certified.
  • 4 sites are IFS Food certified Upper Level (standard for food safety recognized by European retailers).
  • 1 production plant is certified AOECS (gluten-free standard)

Nutritional quality

  • Low salt usage.
  • Flour used is rigorously selected for its high level quality.

More information

  • Agriculture Biologique (AB)
    L'Agriculture Biologique (AB) guarantees quality in conjunction with a production method which respects the environment and the well-being of animals. It is subject to specific European regulations which apply to all members of the EU. Additional national regulations can also be implemented. Actors in the organic sector are controlled by authorized organizations who receive their certification from French public authorities and respond to criteria of independence, impartiality, efficiency and competency. In the area of complex food products, the AB certification guarantees that a minimum of 95% of the raw materials be of organic origin, the remainder being made up of raw materials which are not available organically in sufficient quantities (exotic products, certain spices, …).
  • IFS Food
    L’International Featured Standard (IFS) : just like the British, the main German distributors joined in the HDE (German retail federation) created in 2002, the IFS Food (International Featured Standards Food) referential, an audit base for suppliers of Store Brand products in the food industry. In France, the FCD (Federation of Trade and Distribution) decided to join this initiative in 2003. IFS recommends six channels of quality requirements: management of quality system (including HACCP), management responsibility, management of resources, realisation of the product, and the measures, analyses and improvements of Food Defence.
  • AOECS Standard
    Cérélia offers a range of products certified by the AOECS (Association of European Coeliac Societies). This certification, as required by the regulations in force, imposes and certifies a residual gluten threshold of less than 20 mg / kg on the finished product. The focus is on controlling the risks of gluten contamination during product manufacturing, good hygiene and manufacturing practices, and a HACCP approach. Cérélia is affiliated with AFDIAG (the French association of Intolerant to Gluten).