Traceability of our palm oil procurements

Our first principle: buy palm oil of known origin

Traceability and transparency are the essential conditions to guarantee sourcing of sustainable palm oil.

This means that Cérélia always ensures it knows the origin of the palm oil it uses in its recipes.

To that end, we have contacted our suppliers to present them with our commitment to sustainable palm oil and to collect traceability information so that we can trace the oil back to the mills where our supplies are sourced.

All our vegetable fat suppliers have committed to sustainable sourcing for the raw materials we buy from them.

Distribution of the palm oil procurements of Cérélia in number of oil mills per country

each drop represents an oil mill
The traceability of procurements is provided by The Forest Trust, an international non-profit organisation that seeks to transform supply chains for people and nature.

Map updated regularly (last updated in June 2016).

Distribution of global palm oil production – 62.7 million tonnes, foremost vegetable oil used in the world

% of global production of palm oil by geographical area
Figures 2015 - CIRAD



In 2016, the WWF gave Cérélia top marks (9/9) in its annual report, thus recognising the commitment and action taken by our company in favour of sustainable palm oil.

> Download the WWF report